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GPS Fitness and Coaching Inc. Is a boutique Personal Training Service designed to offer an outstanding level of service and challenge to its diverse clientele. We are committed to enhancing your quality of life and level of fitness by influencing positive lifestyle choices.


Our ultimate goal is to increase your vitality, level of fitness, and your quality of movement.


To provide the very best in accountability coaching by providing communication prior to, during, and after your sessions, with regular follow-up messaging through different mediums (email, phone call, IM or SMS)


The company’s goal is to make each and every workout a memorable and fun experience. We promise that you will leave every session feeling better than when you arrived!

The Coach

Coach Parris holds a Bachelor’s Kinesiology Degree from York University, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and incorporates Trigger Point Therapy into his sessions.

Fantastic results in the following areas:

  • Permanent Weight Loss  (up to 140 lbs in a year)
  • Design of both pre-natal and post-natal fitness programs (and bootcamps)
  • Cardiovascular rehabilitation from surgery, pre-and post- diabetes programming & increasing bone mineral density for osteoporosis and osteopenia patients
  • Strength training following cancer treatments
  • Weight-loss and physique programs for weddings  (both brides, grooms & parents)
  • Preparation for sporting events i.e. Marathon training, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Ride to Conquer Cancer, skiing/slalom/GS/snowboarding, golf, team sports, running, Olympic distance triathlon, mountain climbing (Everest base-camp etc.)
  • Muscle balancing & flexibility programs to correct various physical limitations
  • His specialties include: weight loss (fat loss), correcting neck & shoulder pain, knee rehabilitation & strengthening, and functional training for toning and/or building muscle fat-free mass.

Get Results with Coach Parris!

Everyone benefits from personalised attention. Gregg has trained individuals of all ages and abilities. The clients who achieve the best results are those committed to proper nutrition daily and to being physically active in addition to their S.T.A.R.T. Personal Training sessions.

For best results Coach Parris recommends his clients achieve approximately 4-7 hours per week of physical activity and designs personalised take-home programs for all clients to do outside of Personal Training and Co-ed Bootcamps and then holds you accountable to your goals.



The S.T.A.R.T System is the philosophy of all GPS training programs. It ensures that every Personal Training session and every written program clients are given to do at-home or at the gym follows a specific and systematic criteria:


Specifying the main program goal(s) and the specific goal of that training day (ie. Day 1=Toning & Functional training focus). Then specifically targeting the limited or weakened / injured muscles as determined by the complimentary assessment


Proper warm-up, recovery periods, cool down and nutrient timing for that day. Also timing the periodization for each client’s workout schedule


Activation of the core musculature and target skeletal muscles in areas for that specific individual’s program. Also by monitoring the specific activities of each client.


Corrective exercises to improve flexibility and range of motion specific to the person. Also by determining the boundaries of the program


Ensuring proper technique is utilized in every session and during take-home and personalized gym programs. Then in later stages of training adding special ‘techniques’ only the pro’s use

What you get:

Each S.T.A.R.T Personal Training experience begins with a complimentary Fitness and Lifestyle Analysis to determine your fitness level, health & fitness goals, nutritional habits, and muscular imbalances. The comprehensive assessment includes:

• Goal setting and lifestyle habits consultation
• Postural analysis using a plumb line
• Anthropometrics and measurements
• Primary movement pattern biomechanics
• Muscular endurance testing
• Core stability testing
• Overall fitness and body symmetry analysis

Following the initial assessment, every subsequent S.T.A.R.T Personal Training session includes:• Assessment of daily activities and nutrition
• A dynamic & specific warm-up
• Specialized functional training techniques
• Fat loss and Metabolic training techniques
• Specialized Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), trigger point, and PNF techniques

Other Services:

• Functional Resistance Training
• Corrective Exercise Programs
• Boxing and Martial Arts (Training Programs for MMA as well)
• Kettlebell Training
• Circuit Training
• Physique Programs for Weddings (brides, grooms and family members)
• Core Performance Training programs
• Semi-Private or Private Group Training and Bootcamps for 2 or more participants (indoor/outdoor)
• Injury Rehabilitation
• Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular and Diabetes Programs
• Sports Specific Training
• Speed and Agility Training for Team and Individual Sports
• Pre and Post Natal programming
• Stretching and/or Trigger Point Therapy (30, 45 minute & 60 minute sessions available using Thai Massage, AIS, PNF techniques)


Week Program


Week Program


Week Program

Self-conditioning Package



Training • Nutrition • Rehabilitation

GPS Fitness and Coaching Founder and President Gregg Parris has been a Certified Personal Trainer and Strength Coach for over 10 years. Gregg holds both a Specialised Honours Kinesiology Degree, and a Certificate in Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counseling from York University in Toronto. Gregg has also participated in the Medical and Fitness testing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, the NHL Draft, and the Toronto Firefighting Services.

Gregg has earned the internationally recognized designations of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (current), Certified Kinesiologist, and Certified Exercise Physiologist throughout his career.Gregg believes that continuing his education and learning new state-of-the-art techniques enhances his ability to properly motivate, educate and provide only the best service to the people he has the pleasure of coaching. Coach Parris has a diverse background in corrective exercises, injury rehabilitation, martial arts, kettlebell training and coaching runners as well as triathletes.

Highlights of Gregg’s career include appearances in Oxygen Magazine, Global National News and was featured as a Celebrity Trainer on Entertainment Tonight Canada. But instead he is more proud of the results he has achieved with his clients, as well as the work he does throughout the community including motivational speaking at local high schools, lunch and learns in the business of the downtown core, working with underprivileged and at-risk youth, and helping one individual lose up to 140 lbs in one year. Gregg also takes pride in helping to eliminate low back, shoulder, hip and knee joint pain with numerous clients, as well as working with a blind client, a post-polio client performing wheel-chair workouts, and assisting a cancer survivor regain 15% bone mineral density from osteoporosis.

Gregg realized that the commercial fitness industry can be a revolving door of people entering gyms and leaving very much unchanged. That is when his vision for GPS Fitness and Coaching Inc. was created to provide an outstanding level of service to the community by going above and beyond to coach his clientele to truly make a greater impact in their lives.

That task inspired Gregg to develop the S.T.A.R.T system to keep clients out of physical pain, reduce stress, and to prevent them from falling out of their programs. All Personal Training sessions and programs of GPS Fitness follow this special protocol. It encompasses goal setting, nutrition, corrective exercises, stretching and relaxation techniques. When you experience the S.T.A.R.T System you will leave the gym feeling energized and then refreshed from soothing stretch therapy and muscle relaxation techniques.



Coach Certifications


March 2019 - Institut SomaTraining ELDOA Levels 1 & 2 workshop completed (32 hours)


2018 - NSCA - CSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (since 2007)

April 2018 - SomaTraining Back Pain Management Workshop (7 hours)

June 2018 - Personal Trainer Program Yorkdale ALC (TDSB) Co-op student teacher/mentor (6 weeks)


May 2017 - NeuroKinetic Therapy Corrective Movement System: Advanced Muscle Testing and Palpation Workshop (15 hours)


February 2016 - NeuroKinetic Therapy Corrective Movement System Level 2 Certified (15 hours)

September 2016 - NeuroKinetic Therapy Corrective Movement System Level 3 Certified (15 hours)

October 2016 - Full weekend Attendee at SWIS Conference (Society of Weight Training and Injury Specialists)


NeuroKinetic Therapy Corrective Movement System Level 1 (15hours)

NSCA – CSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (since 2007)

2015 July - Immaculate Dissection: Core Concepts



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